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The pros and cons you need to know about hiring a photographer for your next trip!

We snap tons of photos with our phones when we travel. A photo of the local delicacy. A selfie in front of an ancient monument. Travel is an experience that deserves to be relished in and captured. The thing is, we all know that the travel photos on your phone are going to end up lost in the cloud never to see the light of day again. They might go on the ‘gram for a bit, but how do you get those epic photos that you want to frame or give as a gift to a loved one?
Imagine a framed photo of the entire family on the wall. Or your holiday cards! You can use the photos in gifts for an anniversary or birthday. You can also give a photoshoot as a gift too! There are a ton of possibilities for your vacation photos.

If you are proposing on vacation or engagement photos, you can use them for your save-the-dates, invites, and wedding decorations.

Each person and each vacation has a unique story to tell. What better way to capture your travel story than on a vacation photoshoot with a professional photographer? You can finally get everyone in the same photo.
We’re seeing more and more folks share epic travel photos online that are drop-dead gorgeous. How do they do it? They hire a professional photographer to capture candid travel moments on their family, solo, and couple trips! While this may seem excessive, especially with all the other travel expenses, many have decided that their vacation photos were worth investing in.
When you hire me as your photographer online, not only are you getting a professional camera whiz but you are also gaining a set of local eyes.
Simply ask me for photoshoot ideas and suggestions depending on what you are looking for: off the beaten path photo spots, iconic views, or a combination of both! They’ll also tell you the time for the best lighting and how to beat the crowds to get those magical photos without tons of other tourists in the background.

Not just for photos, I can recommend local spots to eat, drink, and explore. You’ll get a truly local experience!

And while you may be struggling to fit a selfie stick into your carry-on, I can bring all the gear that most travellers wouldn’t dream of bringing on their own– from light modifiers and external flashes to various lenses and props!


When planning and booking a vacation, the cost of a vacation photoshoot could end up being one of the most valuable and least expensive things done on a trip. After the tours have been taken, the food has been enjoyed, you check out of your hotel, and the return flight has landed, the memories you made will be all that remain. It is my mission to ensure that your cherished vacation moments are remembered beautifully.

Once you are back home, you won’t be wearing souvenir t-shirts or showing off magnets & keychains. Instead, you’ll be showing off a gorgeous set of photos to friends and family which will surely be accompanied by stories of your adventure. The warm feeling of reminiscing makes one realize that these captured memories add richness to our lives which is priceless.

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