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Pick A Photoshoot Theme That Matches Your Personality
Both of you sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss each other’s personalities and what really connects you two together. Remember that a photo shoot of you two should be a trailer of who you both really are. The more candid, the merrier! Never pick a theme that’s opposite of who you really are, because you will never get comfortable during the photo shoot.
Shoot location:
The right shoot location makes a huge difference in achieving those dreamy-romantic images to perfection. Discussing the options with me and managing your budgets before you find out the best deal!
Color Co-ordinated Cliches:
You are a couple, not twins who need to match everything to look cute together. Avoid color coordinated or printed co-ordinated apparels for your photo shoot. It’s done, it’s boring and it doesn’t compliment you at all as a couple. Instead, contrast each other’s looks to compliment each other by picking color combinations that look aesthetically beautiful together.
Suggest Poses:
Drafts You can either practice your poses together in front of a mirror beforehand, or you can ask me  to suggest some romantic poses. It’s always a good idea to chat with me in advance or during the time of the shoot and tell me what poses you are comfortable in and which ones you can avoid. Also, if you know your anatomy and think certain angles can make you look slimmer, or you want to avoid getting double chin in the picture.
Have fun:
The most important rule of doing a couple photo shoot is to have lots of fun. Talk to each other, lighten up the mood, crack a few jokes or simply talk about how excited you are to do thinks together. These conversations will help bring out the best in you, giving the photographer (me) a chance to photograph you both candidly. Don’t we all agree that the candid laughs and blushed are the cutest?


Also, remember to be as expressive with me to understand what you have in mind better. We three would want to be on the same page for this photo shoot to be a success, isn’t it?

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