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Family photography is a way to document your family, or someone else’s, at a specific moment in time.
Moments fade way too fast. We all too soon miss those split-seconds. Trust me, I am the father of a 20-year-old, and it all went by in the snap of fingers.
Coordinating colors not matching
Long gone are the days of everyone wearing a white shirt and matching. You don’t have to have everyone buy a white shirt and jeans. Allow personalities to shine with colors and patterns. Pick a couple of colors and choose clothes that will fit in this color scheme
Coordinate your wardrobe, but not too much. There is a fine line between coordinating and too matchy. Selecting complimentary patterns, or colors (think pastels or varying shades of the same color) are a great way to go. You do not have to match. In fact, it looks better when you don’t. Bring a change of clothes if you want more than one look, or in case you get muddy, have a potty accident, etc. And always bring a couple of accessories like hats or scarves
Remember your kiddos are just kids. They aren’t professionals, or even grown ups. So pick the time of day that they are in the best mood.Be certain not to schedule your photo session around your child’s nap or bedtime. The best time for lighting is the two hours before sunset and after sunrise.
Make sure everyone has eaten. No one is happy when they’re hungry. Have snacks and water on hand just in case
Moms are often rushing around before a photo shoot, making sure that their family is dressed and ready. I always encourage mothers to have their hair and makeup professionally done. This will prepare mom for her pictures and when mom is feeling pretty and confident, this will reflect on the rest of the family as well. Leave plenty of time for showers, baths, dressing, and grooming. When a family shows up to a family photo session rushed and disorganized, it sets the tone for a rushed and disorganized session. Give yourself extra time so that you are ready before it’s time to head out that door.
Dads, please cheerfully participate. I know that many dads dread the family photo session, but fathers, please understand how important capturing your family is. These images will be left as a legacy, when your children are grown, with families of their own some day. Family photos are treasured forever and they are so important. Please, please, dads… cheerfully participate in your family photo session. Once you see your happy wife and amazing photographs, you will be so glad that you gave this time to your family.
Please, parents… leave the “cheese” at home. Cheese is for crackers. So many times I have found parents who stand behind the photographer and scream, “Say cheese to the man kids!” Yelling and demanding young children to look at the camera to smile will only stress your children out (not to mention the photographer) and will result in strained, unnatural and often unflattering photographs. Step back, and allow the photographer to naturally interact and talk with your children. This will result in natural, gorgeous smiles. Help the photographer capture the true essence of your child’s personality by talking with and coaxing out those smiles naturally and easily.

The best photographs are often the ones where everyone is engaged or interacting with each other. Understand that not every picture needs to have everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. If you are engaged as a family and loving on each other, your eyes will be on your family members and your smile with be natural. These are the photographs that you will cherish most because they depict your family connection and your love.

Though it is important to provide clients with a number of “perfect” shots where everyone looks great and nothing feels out of place, my passions is capturing candid moments that reveal personalities and tell each family’s unique story.
Have fun:
Don’t be afraid to pick up your children and toss them in the air. Give your wife a sweet kiss on the check. Tell your husband how much you love him and appreciate him for being there for your family. Have fun. Laugh. Giggle. Joke. Embrace. Kiss. Snuggle. Play. Doing these things will allow the photographer to capture the emotion and true beauty of your family.
Show your photographer who you really are, so that he has the opportunity to capture your love through his lens. Don’t we all agree that the candid laughs and blushed are the cutest?


You are here to enjoy your beautiful family and have fun! Relax, and trust me to take the lead in capturing your family’s best moments!

Also, remember to be as expressive with me to understand what you have in mind better. We  would want to be on the same page for this photo shoot to be a success, isn’t it?

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